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In our Catholic College Bendigo prayer which students say each day in Housegroup, we state that we believe that “every person is worthy of our greatest respect, care and support.” Does our behaviour match the words? One of the unpleasant aspects of Australian society and culture is that bullying is prevalent. Sometimes we rely only on the victim of bullying to challenge the bully but the issue of bullying is the responsibility of all students, staff, parents and families within our school! Bullying and other forms of harassment have been linked to teenage depression, destruction of self-esteem and confidence, drug experimentation, and even suicide.

Catholic College Bendigo has a clear Harassment Policy and Procedures to deal with complaints. So be assured that we do take it seriously. It is important for any student who has a complaint to let someone know. If a student sees someone else being bullied or harassed they can help by challenging the behaviour of the bully in an appropriate way or by talking to their parent or a trusted adult about what they have seen. Housegroup teachers, Heads of House and Wellbeing team members are available for students and parents to discuss concerns in a confidential manner.

If the school does not know about it, it can’t help! Don’t allow your son or daughter to protect the bully by staying silent.

Restorative Practice Research Article (168KB pdf)

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