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Wellbeing Team

 The Wellbeing Team is based across both sites and comprises the Counselling Team, Family Support and Staff Pastoral Care.

The Wellbeing Team Counsellors

The Wellbeing Team counsellors provide counselling, support and referral option to young people and their families within the Catholic College Bendigo community. The team can assist in a wide range of situations in relation to personal, family or educational issues; supporting students and their families in finding solutions. This is a free and confidential service, and can easily be accessed by students and parents alike.

Counselling sessions with a Team member are confidential. That means that what you say will not be discussed with anyone without your permission.

However confidentiality does not apply if the Team member believes that you are in danger of hurting yourself, or if someone is hurting you.

Students are encouraged to make appointments with the Team Counsellors via the General Office at each site, or a staff members such as their Housegroup Teacher, or Head of House.

Parents can make contact via the General Office on either site.

Mercy Family Support Co-ordinator

The Mercy Family Support Co-ordinator works across both Catholic College Bendigo sites, and

  • is involved in welcoming and assisting with the transition of families new to the College,
  • is available to offer assistance and support to those families who may be experiencing some difficulties during times of stress, loss or change, as well as practical and some financial assiatance with student needs,
  • maintains and manages a supply of second-hand uniforms which are available to families.

Parents can make contact via the General Office on either site.

Staff Pastoral Care

The Wellbeing Team is involved in welcoming staff new to the college and is available to assist, support, and provide pastoral care to all staff across the college. 


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