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Charity knows no limits
Vincent House (gold) is named in honour of St Vincent de Paul after whom the Vincentian Fathers were named. St Vincent de Paul was an extraordinary Priest, who spent his life in solidarity with the poor. It was his deep faith which led to a practical support of the most vulnerable, which has inspired millions around the world to good works. Vincent inspires us to live the values of justice and love.


The fish, an ancient Christian symbol, represents Christianity as expressed through the work of St Vincent de Paul. The crossing of the lines at the tail represents unity and oneness.

The blossoming tree is a metaphor for the way the Society of St Vincent de Paul strives to help people grow and flourish. The trunk represents the Society, the branches its members, and the leaves the people we aim to help.

The cross has the letters SV overlapping inside to represent the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Our motto, Charity knows no limits, represents how we come together as a Vincent community to help those less fortunate than ourselves, as we follow in the footsteps of our namesake, St Vincent de Paul. His aspiration to help the less-privileged is what inspires us to give to everyone who needs it, when it is needed. There is no limit to how much we can give, as long as we are giving.


La Valla Head of House: Mrs Jemma Sharman
Coolock Head of House: Mrs Maria Slater
House Captain: Tia Needs 

Student Representative Council (SRC):

Year 8 Leader: Matthew Wilkinson
Year 9 Leader: Poppy Skipper
Year 10 Leader: Stephanie Kemp
Year 11 Leader: Thalia Thirunavukarasu


VT1: Mr Matthew Everton & Mrs Hannah Gretgrix
VT2: Mr Daniel Arnott
VT3: Mrs Kerry Turpie
VT4: Mrs Clare Welch
VT5: Mrs Janine Lake
VT7: Mr Mathew Canterford
VT8: Mrs Kristine Rosaia & Mrs Marie Taylor
VT9: Ms Rachel Cross
VT10: Mr Rohan Bowles
VT11: Mr Darren Scott
VT12: Mrs Lisa Darlow

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