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Never see a need without doing something about it
MacKillop House (green) is named in honour of Mary MacKillop, recently canonised and known as St Mary of the Cross. She founded the Sisters of St Joseph and is Australia’s first saint. From an early age, Mary worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for young people, dedicating herself to the life of a teacher. As the leader of the Sisters, she was tenacious and resourceful in providing education and care for the young people of Australia. MacKillop inspires us to live the values of trust and compassion in our College. 


The cross signifies that MacKillop House is part of a Catholic school and community. It is also a symbol of the religious name Mary MacKillop called herself, ‘Mary of the Cross’.

The use of the Southern Cross represents that Mary was Australian and is Australia’s first saint.

The hands coming together denote the living of our motto, showing care and support in all areas of life.

Mary was the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph. The Josephite symbol, an A and M superimposed, stands for Ave Maria. This is the Latin for Hail Mary and is the opening of the famous prayer to Jesus’ mother.

Our motto, Never see a need without doing something about it, is a quote of Mary’s and signifies her life’s work and the way that MacKillop House members strive to live out their lives.


La Valla Head of House: Miss Cara-Lee Lewis
Coolock Head of House: Mr Simon Van Dillen
House Captain: Brody McDowell

Student Representative Council (SRC):

Year 8 Leader: Thomas Turner
Year 9 Leader: Bronte McConnachie
Year 10 Leader: Charlotte Turner
Year 11 Leader: Peter Shanahan
Year 12 Leaders: Grace Kopp & Claire O'Donoghue


MK1: Mr Terrence Dullard
MK2: Miss Anne Boyd
MK3: Ms Rose Moylan & Mrs Sharna Frawley
MK4: Mrs Kate Kinglsey
MK5: Mr Chris MacDonald
MK7: Mrs Nicole Crone
MK8: Mrs Amy Dickens & Ms Dianne Hill
MK9: Mrs Marita Haigh
MK10: Mrs Angela McIntosh
MK11: Dr Kevin Sharkey & Ms Rosemary Hutchinson
MK12: Mr Richard Graham

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