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Gentle kindness to one another

Backhaus House (purple) is named in honour of Fr Henry Backhaus, who was the first priest of the Bendigo goldfields. Fr Backhaus was a tremendously well respected man, famous for his strong work ethic and his ability to be at home with people from all walks of life. Fr Backhaus established the parish of St Kilian’s and helped Bendigo to grow into a prosperous city. Backhaus inspires us to live the values of empathy and service to others in our College. 


The wattle branch, a floral native to Australia and Bendigo, signifies the great country and town we live in, that Backhaus helped create.

A pick, pan and shovel all represent the goldfields era of Bendigo’s history. Henry Backhaus was instrumental in setting up not only the Catholic Church in the area, but also in helping to build a sense of community that is still strong in Bendigo today.

Our motto, Gentle kindness to one another, is an excerpt of a quote from George Henry Backhaus himself, “I trust that in the future those who are to tread in our footsteps will cultivate the same gentle kindness to one another, and that good feeling will flourish and bear fruit forever”. We believe these words best represent his views and therefore what we stand for as a house.


La Valla Head of House: Mr Anthony Chalkley
Coolock Head of House: Ms Fiona Bell
House Captain: Emily Patterson

Student Representative Council (SRC):

Year 8 Leader: Sam Lewis
Year 9 Leader: Will Edwards
Year 10 Leader: Seth Feeney
Year 11 Leader: Laine Graham
Year 12 Leader: Harry Enever


BK1: Ms Sue Hadlow
BK2: Miss Tia Steen
BK3: Mr Neile Crowle
BK4: Miss Sarah Gross
BK5: Miss Jocelyn Leversha
BK7: Mr Shane McConvill
BK8: Mrs Kerri Bowman
BK9: Miss Amanda Williams & Ms Michelle Brannagan
BK10: Mr Bill Gaskell
BK11: Ms Kristen Simpson
BK12: Mrs Heather Robbins & Ms Amy Clark

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