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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is a service provided by Catholic College Bendigo to help all students with aspects of their lives, personal, educational and family.
Team members are involved in counselling, Family Support, developmental assessment, and Staff Pastoral Care.

Mercy Family Support Co-ordinator

In caring for students, it is often vital to understand their background and to communicate with others responsible for their wellbeing. The Mercy Family Support Co-ordinator works across both sites and provides assistance to families and parents of our students needing practical support.   Contact can be made through messages left at the General Office of either site.

How could Student Counsellors help?

  • Sharing a problem can lighten the load for you.
  • Counsellors are trained to help you sort out your problems
  • They cannot do it for you
  • Counsellors can negotiate or mediate for you


Anything that happens and is discussed with a counsellor is confidential. That means that matter will be discussed with no one without your permission.
Exception: Should the counsellor believe that you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, he/she must inform parents for your own protection. This will be done with your knowledge where possible.


You can make an appointment to see a member of the Team by leaving you name at the general office on either site. No questions will be asked about your reasons for requesting an appointment.

Referral on to the CCB Psychologist for student Educational/Learning matters is through Mrs Therese Lynch (La Valla) and Mrs Jenny Chirgwin (Coolock). Referral for other Wellbeing matters is through Amanda Leonard