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Instrumental Music

Let's Make Music!

Learning to play an instrument is fun!

At Catholic College Bendigo we recognise that learning to play a musical instrument is a valuable activity in any student's development. Aside from the pleasure of playing, extensive research shows it is beneficial in the areas of:

  • Reasoning ability
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Maths and language
  • Memory capacity
  • Self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Social and teamwork skills

As such, we are committed to providing a high-quality instrumental music education, accessible to all families. The program aims to give students a lifelong appreciation of many styles and genres of music.

Download the Instrumental Music Program brochure (pdf 1.4mb)

Year 7 Instrumental Music Program

Every Year 7 student at Catholic College Bendigo begins their musical journey with an intensive practical program including small-group brass, woodwind or percussion lessons each week, which are complemented by the parallel classroom program.

Students receive a full semester of instrumental tuition from specialist music teachers and participate in a concert band that rehearses in class each week. The College provides students with an instrument and band method book to use during the program.

This intensive classroom and hands-on introduction to music provides students with the skills and confidence to continue on a rewarding path to develop their musical ability to the highest level.

Years 8 and 9 Instrumental Music Program

Learning an instrument in Years 8 and 9 is an affordable, full year co-curricular activity that offers small-group tuition and large ensemble experiences.

The College provides considerable subsidies for tuition and instrument hire.

Building on the Year 7 Program, it provides students with wonderful learning opportunities to develop musical skills, appreciation and expression, as well as possibilities for diverse community involvement.

How does the program work?

  • Students learn respectfully and cooperatively with teachers, conductors and other students.
  • Everyone demonstrates care and respect in the handling and maintenance of all instruments.
  • Students attend weekly lessons and large ensemble rehearsals, in addition to practising at home.
  • Students contribute actively to school and public performances during school time, as well as outside normal school hours.

Which instruments can we choose to learn?

Saxophone, percussion, trumpet, flute, euphonium, guitar, trombone and clarinet.

What is an ensemble?

An ensemble is a group of players who perform instrumental music together. They are a vital aspect of our learning and all students in the Instrumental Music Program will be participating in large ensembles at school such as the De Sales Concert Band, a guitar ensemble and a percussion ensemble. Rehearsals and ensemble performances may take place outside school hours.

Lessons and timetables

Careful planning and thought is dedicated to the organising of lesson groups to ensure students are at similar levels of development. Instrumental Music Program lessons are scheduled to rotate through the timetable so that disruption to regular classes is minimised.

How much does it cost?

The Year 7 Program is fully-subsidised with no charge for tuition or instrument hire.

The College provides considerable subsidies for the Years 8 & 9 Program. While students are encouraged to purchase their own instruments, we realise this is not always possible and so the College provides a limited number of instruments for hire. Please refer to the Music Enrolment Form for more information. In 2017, the parent contribution for tuition is $150 and instrument hire $50 for the school year.

Practice makes perfect!

Playing at home is an important part of learning an instrument. Students are encouraged to practise regularly, as recommended by their teacher. As a guide, five 20-minute sessions per week would see students achieving good progress.

SIgn me up!

Contact the La Valla Campus for further information: 5449 3466.

Download the Instrumental Music Program brochure (pdf 1.4mb)

Download the Instrument Tuition Agreement (pdf 200kb)

Download the Instrument Hire Agreement (pdf 200kb)