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The Year 10 Work Experience program offers students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of local industry, explore occupations, and develop employability skills and self-confidence. It provides an opportunity to get valuable experience that can be added to a resume, get a good reference for future job applications, network and make new contacts. In addition, students have the chance to find out what a job is really like and decide if it is something they really want to do.

At Catholic College Bendigo we encourage students to be proactive in the work experience process, encouraging them to develop their independence, communication and job seeking skills.

Previous Year 10 students have participated in placements in a broad range of occupations, including nursing, law, medicine, radiography, plumbing, teaching, floristry, speech pathology, architecture, horticulture and digital media.

Work Experience Dates:

4 - 8 May (Backhaus, McAuley and VIncent)

27 - 31 July (Champagnat, Jaara and MacKillop)

12 - 16 October (mixed houses)

For more information, please refer to the Coolock Student Portal.