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Latest Assessment Marks - stay in touch with your child's progress.

The 'Latest Assessment Marks' are currently available online.

What is 'Online Reporting'?

Online Reporting means that all student reports (including progresssive and end-of-semester reports) can be accessed by parents using a secure, password-protected website.

What are the benefits of 'Online Reporting'?

The benefits of the online reporting system are as follows:

  • Parents are able to view, via the ‘Latest Assessment Marks’ page, their child’s current results and general behaviours as they are updated by teaching staff throughout the year.
  • An archive of each child’s end-of-semester reports is available to parents at any time (past reports are currently being uploaded to this site).
  • End-of-semester reports can be downloaded, saved to a home computer or printed at home at any time.
  • The College has moved further in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and reflect an ideal which is based on our stewardship of the earth.

What is meant by ‘Progressive Reporting’?

  • A key feature of the online reporting platform is that parents can access, at any time during the school year, the assessment marks and grades which have been achieved by their child as a teacher completes the correction of each task. This part of the system is known as the ‘Latest Assessment Marks’ page.
  • Staff make use of the assessment marks page to provide task-specific comments for some of the assessment tasks completed as the semester progresses.
  • Two progressive behaviours, ‘effort’ and ‘behaviour’ are continually reported on by staff each semester. These behaviours are not fixed and subject teachers regularly review and change these if necessary.

What are the benefits of this progressive reporting approach?

  • Progressive feedback supports student learning by being specific to the task and it allows parents to understand how their child is progressing in their learning. Parents are able to encourage their child to act on this feedback to improve their learning over the semester and to seek further clarification from their teacher where required.
  • Parents are better equipped to engage and support their child’s learning when they have access to the learning and assessment their child is currently undertaking. This approach should encourage parents to ask their children to bring particular corrected assessment tasks home for discussion. Parents can take the opportunity to discuss students’ strengths in completing the tasks, what areas they might need to address to improve their learning and what strategies they might adopt to achieve this improvement.
  • The assessment mark page for each student continually changes as assessment tasks are completed in each subject across the semester. This provides parents with a reason to check their child’s progress every week or two and have ongoing conversations about the school work in each subject area.

Do all assessment tasks have a comment provided once they are corrected?

No. Staff comment on selected assessment tasks only. The tasks which are most likely to have a comment provided are those tasks which assess the major knowledge and skills focus of the subject for that semester.

Do students receive feedback from teachers in other ways?

Yes. Staff make use of criteria, rubrics and other formats to ensure that students understand how they will be assessed for a task and provide feedback on their success in meeting these criteria.

Can the assessment marks page and associated comments be printed?

No. The assessment marks page or comments cannot be printed or saved. This page focuses on providing information for the learning occurring over the course of the semester. A summary of a student’s progress over the semester is provided via the end-of-semester reports. These reports can be printed and saved.