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FAQ New Name 2018

The future at our College is exciting with the opening of new and innovative learning spaces and a new College name for 2018. 

Our College has a proud tradition dating back to 1876 when Sister Aloysius Martyn and the Sisters of Mercy first arrived in Bendigo. For over 140 years the young people of Bendigo have been 'Living Mercy', inspired by the spirit and ethos of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. From 1 January 2018, our College will be known as Catherine McAuley College.

On this page, Principal Brian Turner responds to frequently asked questions from students, staff and families about our transition to Catherine McAuley College. If you have a question, please email principal@ccb.vic.edu.au


From Newsletter No 13 - 24 August 2017

Will there be a new College prayer?

A group of students have been working on a new College Prayer, to be circulated for comment in the coming months.

What happens with things like honour boards, etc.? Will there be new ones? What happens with the old ones?

The intention is to retain all of the College history that has accumulated over 141 years. We want to celebrate and recognise our history and achievements. In the new building at La Valla there is space allocated to acknowledge and recognise our past achievements in every field.

How will the changeover of the email address occur?

In the new year we will have a new address that will be slightly different i.e. bturner@ccb.vic.edu.au will likely become bturner@cmc.vic.edu.au. Automatic redirection from the old email to the new will be in place.

Will there be a formal changeover from Catholic College Bendigo to Catherine McAuley College?

It would only be fitting that there are both formal and informal transitions to acknowledge and recognise the past and introduce our new identity.

Will there be name changes to the campuses?

After plenty of deliberation across the student body and some discussion with the staff, the recommended names are as follows:

  • Barkly Street would be named St Mary’s.
  • Junortoun would be titled Coolock.

The reason for this change is to acknowledge the story of Catherine McAuley. Catherine lived out of Dublin at ‘Coolock House’ with the Callaghan family. Coolock was not located in town. The journey of transitioning the name will highlight the story of the foundress to the whole community. Granted there will be a level of confusion, but in the longer term it is logical to have such an iconic part of the Mercy story fittingly located out of town.

For those who are not aware, the Barkly Street site was St Mary’s College for many years and is still known as that by past students who attended the College pre-CCB. Once again, it acknowledges and celebrates the history of our College.

These proposals will be presented to the Mercy Education Limited for approval. If you have any comments or questions, please email me, principal@ccb.vic.edu.au.

From Newsletter No 12 - 10 August 2017

Will there be new campus names in 2018?

Presently the SRC and soon the staff will further discuss the options that have been circulated for possible new names for the campuses. To quash a rumour currently circulating, I can confirm that Coolock will not be called Baggott Street.

Will there be rugby tops for Year 12s in 2018?

The answer is yes. Year 12 students will be wearing the current uniform and will have the opportunity to purchase and wear a rugby top that will have the new Catherine McAuley College crest on it. And yes, the rugby top will be offered in future years.

Will there be a new website?

The answer is yes. During this semester, we will introduce a new Catherine McAuley College website that will be accompanied by new mobile and iPad applications. They are all being created as I write.

From Newsletter No 11 - 28 July 2017

Will the house names be the same in 2018?

The answer is yes. All the houses will remain exactly as they are. There is no intention to remove the legacy that is represented through Champagnat House (Marcellin Champagnat), Vincent House (St Vincent de Paul) and Backhaus House (Fr Henry Backhaus).

What will happen to Catholic College Bendigo (CCB)?

The Mercy Sisters have been part of this College for 141 years and, along with the students, staff and community involved in the various stages of our history, cannot be forgotten as their legacy forms who we are. In planning for the transition every effort has been made to ensure that the College acknowledges the stakeholders who have formed St Aloysius, St Mary’s, and the partners in Catholic College Bendigo.

Do any students other than Year 7s need to buy the new uniform?

All existing students are not expected to purchase new uniform next year, or until 2020. The expectation is that new students will purchase the new uniform. The only variation for existing students is that there is an opportunity to purchase the blazer if they choose.