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Behaviour Guidelines


These Expectations derive from Mercy Education Limited’s core values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service and Courage. The student behaviour expectations help to direct decision-making, and seek to achieve positive outcomes and ensure consistency of practice across the College with regard to the pastoral care of our students. 

For procedures relating to breaches of these Expectations, please refer to the full Student Behaviour Guidelines which can be downloaded from the link below.

Click here to download the full Student Behaviour Guidelines (download PDF 114kb)


  • Students will interact with all other members of the College community in an appropriate, respectful, polite and inclusive manner.


  • Students will refrain from eating or drinking in classrooms; bottled water is exempt. Chewing gum is not permitted at school.
  • Students are expected to bring all necessary materials for each lesson.
  • Students are responsible for the care and tidiness of classrooms during and upon leaving a lesson.
  • Students will relate to their teacher, other staff and fellow classmates in line with College expectations.


  • Students are expected to submit work by the due date (Refer to Late Work Policy for Years 7 – 10 students).
  • Students are expected to submit work that is their own. VCE students should refer to the VCE guidelines published by the College each year.
  • Students are expected to contribute to a positive work climate and to participate purposefully and collaboratively during lessons, making effective use of this time to complete work set by the teacher.


  • Full school uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times, including to and from school.
  • All uniform items must be clean and in good repair.
  • All uniform items are as supplied by Bob Stewart Uniforms.
  • Accessories must be an approved College design or plain navy.
  • T-shirts must not be visible under the College uniform.
  • Summer uniform is worn during Terms 1 & 4, whilst winter uniform is worn during Terms 2 and 3. A 2-week change over arrangement may be announced depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Sports uniform is worn during practical Physical Education classes, practical Drama classes, some VET classes and some VCAL classes. On these days, the Sports uniform may be worn to and from school.
  • Hair should be kept neat and tidy.
    • Any student whose hair is at shoulder length or longer, regardless of gender, needs to tie their hair up. This applies for the entire school day including all practical classes and classroom subjects. Students need to abide by this regulation whilst they are wearing school uniform, even if this is outside normal school hours.
    • Facial Hair: boys should be clean shaven.
    • Dyed hair should be within the natural hair colour range.
  • A maximum of two plain silver or gold sleepers, no bigger than a five cent piece, or two small plain silver or gold studs may be worn in each ear. Spacers are not permitted at school.
  • The wearing of any material in a facial and/or tongue piercing is not allowable at school.
  • A wrist watch may be worn. A plain neck-chain may only be worn if it includes a small cross, crucifix or Christian medallion. No other form of visible jewellery is allowed.
  • Tattoos must not be visible.
  • An appropriate length for girls' dresses and skirts is 10cm above the knee.
  • Makeup is not worn at La Valla. Students at Coolock may wear minimal makeup.
  • Nail polish is not to be worn.


  • Students are expected to attend all: scheduled classes, tests, activities, examinations, assemblies and school activities
  • Students need to be punctual to scheduled classes.
  • Students are responsible for catching up on work missed due to an absence.
  • Should a student become unwell at school during class or breaks, on an excursion or off-site activity, they are to report to their teacher, staff or student services who will then contact a parent/guardian.
  • Students undertaking VCE or VCAL subjects are responsible for adhering to VCAA requirements associated with levels of attendance within subjects and the impact of this in achieving a satisfactory completion of these accredited units of study.


  • Students will abide by the ‘Computer Acceptable Use’ document signed at the commencement of enrolment.
  • Students will take care of the property of others.
  • Littering is not acceptable. Students are encouraged to use the appropriate bins for recycling and general waste and promote sustainability.
  • At La Valla mobile phones and Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are not to be used during the school day. Students who bring mobiles to school are instructed to store them in a locked locker or the General Office. The College accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of a student’s mobile phone.
  • The use of mobile phones at Coolock during class time is usually not accepted. At the discretion of a classroom teacher a student may be permitted to make use of their phone for learning related activities. Any use of a mobile phone must not interfere with learning and teaching.
  • When using a bus, students will be considerate of the rights of other travellers, follow the driver's instructions at all times and board and alight from the bus only at the designated bus stop. Seat belts must be used by all students when available within the bus.
  • Students will not change buses without prior approval.
  • All visitors (including staff and students) will abide by local parking by-laws.
  • Students may transport other students to and from school with the discretion of parents and in strict accordance to current laws. Prior to this occurring, parents of these students must make contact with the students Head of House to notify the school that they have approved this arrangement. If a student has permission to exit the College requiring the use of the vehicle during school hours, the student must sign out at the General Office before departure. Passengers are not to be carried in the car during such time.
  • Under no circumstances are students permitted to transport other students in private cars in connection with any school program or excursion, whether held during school hours or at other times.


  • All Catholic College Bendigo grounds and buildings are smoke free under Government regulation.
  • Students are not permitted to have cigarettes in their possession or to smoke on College premises, when travelling to and from school and at any College functions or at any time while wearing school uniform.
  • Use and/or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or drugs paraphernalia is forbidden at all times on College premises, when travelling to and from school, at any College functions, or at any time while wearing the school uniform.
  • Students will respect the ownership of the property of others and not steal from other members of the College community.


  • During out of class times students are to remain in the areas allocated for students’ use. Students in a classroom, which includes the school gyms need to be supervised by a staff member.
  • Once a student has entered the school grounds at the commencement of the day they are not to leave the school grounds until the designated end of the school day, unless they have an exit pass.

Click here to download the full Student Behaviour Guidelines (download PDF 114kb)