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My son/daughter missed transition day and it is past the enrolment deadline, am I still able to enrol?

Enrolment is always open at Catholic College Bendigo, however, if you are interested in Year 7, 2018, please contact the College Registrar as soon as possible to ensure that you are included in the next round of enrolment interviews and receive all of the information that flows through about commencing Year 7.

What happens at the enrolment interviews?

Families who are seeking enrolment for Year 7, 2018 are required to attend an enrolment interview with a member of the Leadership Team. The purpose of the interview is to allow us to get to know your family better and work towards developing an individual learning plan for your student. Interviews take approximately half an hour.

I have sent an enrolment application but have not yet had an interview, when will this happen?

Those who have not yet had an interview will be contacted in Term 3 to make an appointment.

I hear there is a change of uniform for Catholic College Bendigo?

The College is currently developing a new visual style, in consultation with our staff, students and parents. Any change to our uniform will be introduced gradually and every effort will be made to ensure that families will not be burdened with extra costs associated with the change of uniform. There will be no changes before 2018.

How will I know what bus my son/daughter will catch to La Valla?

La Valla is well-serviced by a wide network of buses from all over Bendigo and surrounding districts, including Castlemaine, Bridgewater, Lockwood, Heathcote, Elmore. This is not likely to change. Families will be advised about their bus options in Term 3. Any concerns about bus travel should be directed to Mrs Trish Martin.

My child is not from a Catholic school. Will they still be accepted into Catholic College Bendigo?

Enrolment is open to all members of our community.