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Theme for 2017

From our Deputy Principal - Faith and Mission


Catherine for Today…

“In a world yearning for the touch of mercy, Catherine’s example may be both encouraging and empowering. She had no great design, only a desire to make some lasting effort for God’s poor. This yearning engendered a response that was practical and immediate, warm and cordial, enabling and respectful. Through this personal and simple approach, she invites us all to walk in the path of Mercy, the principal path marked out for those who wish to follow Jesus.” (Praying with Catherine McAuley, Helen Marie Burns and Sheila Carney)

As we enter this significant year of transition we are inspired by our new crest and theme, Living Mercy, which will guide us for this year and into the future. May the charism of Mercy be evident each day and may we strive to encompass the Mercy Education Values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service and Courage in all that we say and do. The leadership of Catherine McAuley and the ongoing work of the Sisters of Mercy continues to guide us in our decisions and our actions. Our community aspires “To come to know and love Jesus Christ through a deep understanding of, and connection to, our vibrant Mercy story. We seek to awaken a social conscience in our students through a culture of faith in action, living Mercy in our daily lives.

Our community currently lives out the Mercy charism in many ways . . . how can we continue to bring mercy into the lives of those around us?

How can I be the hands and feet of God in the world?

How can I be the voice and action of mercy in my home, school, community and beyond?

Mercy must be on our lips and in our hearts and be the touchstone of all we do as we endeavour to be Living Mercy.

In our ever-changing world, which can at times bring confusion, fear and rapid change, may we remain faithful to the Mercy Values which draw deeply on the message of the Gospel. May we be inspired by the strength and courage of the Sisters, both past and present, and by their commitment to Catherine’s vision and to God. May the dream of Living Mercy each day becoming a reality for all.

“. . . Catherine’s whole life demonstrates this dynamic process of Mercy – encounter, response from the heart, action . . .” (Marie Gaudry, RSM With Catherine, my Spirit Mother)

Mercy is the way of love, compassion, inclusion and forgiveness. Mercy helps us to regain hope, no matter what we have done. Mercy is the way of peace, serenity and joy, for ourselves and for all the world. Thank you Catherine McAuley, for setting us on this journey of transformation and for helping to deepen our faith as we come to know God, the One Who Is Merciful. As we begin to understand God’s mercy to us, may we grow in courage to walk the path of Jesus and follow the call to be Living Mercy.