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Prayer & Liturgy

Housegroup prayer begins each day. Communal prayer for ourselves and others, is also part of special occasions and a response to situations of need. Students may be introduced to different kinds of prayer and reflection experiences within Religious Education classes.

The Sacramental Program includes the College Opening Mass, Religious Education class celebrations of Eucharist, as well as opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students may also choose to attend year level or lunch time liturgies each term when offered. Students are involved in creative and meaningful preparation of liturgies. Throughout the year, a family Mass is celebrated by each House. Year Level Masses are held at Year 7 when we welcome families into our college community, then at the end of Year 9 marking the midpoint of students’ time at the College. In Year 12 the year culminates in the Graduation Mass held in the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Ash Wednesday, combined with the launch of Project Compassion, Lent, Holy Week and Easter are celebrated with creative Liturgies of the Word. These liturgies recognise that the pattern of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection gives meaning to our own lives and challenges us to reach out to others. They express the College’s motto, ‘Live the Good News.’

Mercy Day also expresses and celebrates the unique identity and ethos of our College. The vision and legacy of Venerable Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy, conveys continuing challenges to serve others in justice and with generosity. Catherine's legacy may be celebrated with prayer, drama, music and the inspirational presentations from representatives of the Mercy tradition. There are many opportunities for students to learn about liturgy and to develop and practise the skills needed to prepare meaningful liturgical celebrations.