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Retreats & Reflection

Retreats and Reflection Days allow each student time to reflect on faith and life. The main aims of these programs, in which all students participate, are to help students to:

  • Become aware of and confident in their personal strengths and abilities
  • Come to a realisation and appreciation of themselves as individuals and as persons of value to others, loved by God
  • Respond to others as persons, to reach out to others in friendship and to work at building a community based on the message of Jesus
  • Deepen their faith, especially in the areas of experience of God, personal relevance of God, prayer and liturgy.

Year 11 Retreat

All Year 11 students participate in an overnight retreat/leadership experience. As well as giving each student an opportunity to reflect upon important issues in his/ her life and his/her faith development, this retreat prepares students for the extended Year 12 Retreat. The students will also engage in Leadership workshops during this experience.

Year 12 Retreat

For students, one of the highlights of their time at Catholic College Bendigo is their participation in the Year 12 Retreat. The Retreat is held over three days in February at a number of sites in Victoria. Central experiences of the Retreat include:

  • Small and large group work reflecting on their life journey and key relationships
  • Meaningful Liturgies
  • Personal time to allow students the chance to reflect and to wonder
  • Living together.

This final Retreat aims to lead students to an increased awareness of themselves and their true nature and to a greater intimacy with their peers and their God. This is also an opportunity for students to work with staff in a more relaxed and adult manner. The Retreat is an integral part of the Religious Education program for our senior students.